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The Indoor Paintball Arena offers a 15,000 square foot, scenario-themed indoor paintball field with blow-up tanks, a full size humvee, half-walls, ammo crates, oil drums, rock-walls and more.  Plus heaters are provided in the indoor staging area so customers can warm themselves in between games!

The Indoor Paintball Arena is available during open play and can also be reserved for private paintball parties during select hours, 7 days a week. (Our outdoor paintball fields are also open year-round).

“Saturday went really well. Our paintball ref Mitch was great and fun as well. Even with the weather we all had a great time. One of the people from our party in fact, has already begun plans for another party in the Spring.  Thank you very much. We will all be returning again soon!” - Jeremy K., Indianapolis


  • Due to occupancy restrictions, we can only host 3 private parties at the same time inside the Indoor Paintball Arena. You must request the Indoor Paintball Arena when booking your private party to guarantee play. Only groups with valid Indoor Paintball Arena reservations will be able to play inside. Indoor private parties are not guaranteed “unlimited play time” inside the Indoor Paintball Arena.
  • The Indoor Paintball Arena is limited to 60 players at a time – first come, first serve. Only players who pre-register 24 hours in advance are guaranteed play. Call us at 317-489-3732 to preregister today.
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