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Be Rambo for a Day
March 11, 2016

By: White River Paintball

be rambo for a day at white river paintballAction heroes are awesome. You know it. They know it. Heck, everyone in the world knows it. There are plenty of guys and gals out there who would love nothing more than to strap on a pair of boots, tie a red bandana around their head, and spend the day facing off against opponents action hero style.

And that’s exactly why White River Paintball is here. We’ve got everything you need to be an action hero for a day, and not just you. We’ll take care of all of your friends! Just come out to Open Play and we will get you all suited up. Or, if you are looking for a more personal experience, grab your friends and come have a private party. With a private party you’ll get all of the gear you need, all day entry, private use of each of our 12 fields, a private pavilion, and a referee just for your group!

So roll out from under cover and come up firing. Dodge paintballs while you sprint to capture the flag. Or take on overwhelming odds to come out victorious. Forget about the drudgeries and boring routine of the rest of everyday life.

You’re an action hero with a job to do. And that job is paintball!

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