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The German Commander - The Fall of Berlin
January 11, 2020

By: White River Paintball


The members of the German army sit around their fires within the city walls of Berlin. They know the Soviet Army is outside, waiting and planning their assault on the city. History says that in times of war, soldiers should look to their leader for inspiration and knowledge.  

In the Fall of Berlin Paintball Scenario Event, the German Army will look to Matthew Walton for that leadership. 


We decided to ask Matthew some questions to help you get to know him a little better: 

How long have you been playing paintball?

A: A grand total of 2 years. I started playing with a group of friends for a Birthday event and fell in love with the game and then and there is when the team started.

Which paintball team do you play for?

A: I am the captain of Mutant Paintball 313 based out of Metro Detroit, MI

Why should players sign up for your side in The Fall of Berlin event?

A:  Come join the Masterful Blue side and help take the German team to the victory podium!

What paintball marker do you use? 

A: I use a CS2 Pro in Teal and black

What is a fun/funny/weird fact about you?

A: I am a self-proclaimed nerd and I have a non-profit organization geared around empowering local youths to embrace who they are and what they like as it relates to social standards.

Enlist in the German Army with the button below or on the event page here to fight side-by-side with Matthew Walton. Also be sure to join the German Team's Facebook Page for the lastest info from Matthew.



What you get?

  • Exclusive Early Bird Scenario Patch
  • $25 Off Registration Fee
  • Access to the Scenario Obstacle Course
  • 3-day field admission pass
  • 3-day camping pass
  • Door prize entry card
  • 4 Extra door prize entry card
  • Team ID card with lanyard
  • Map of the playing field
  • Rules of the event printout
  • (Unlimited Air fills automatically included with paint purchase)

Germans - Register Now!

Scenario Event Patch 2018  

Event Patch with Early Bird Special only!
*Final Patch design subject to change






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