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Open Play Hours & Pricing

Schedule for June 9, 2022

Hours of Operation

Open Play 11am to 5pm


Sorry, there are no scheduled events

Open Play:

Open Play is perfect for individuals or small groups and is organized into separate games for beginners and experienced players. We host up to 100 players during Open Play sessions, with games like capture the flag, president, freeze tag, ambush, and medic — so there’s never lack of competition.

Open Play is held every weekend and on select weekdays throughout the year.

Come alone or bring your friends for a day of fun!



Open Play Pricing:

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open play admission only - white river paintball
  • All day field entry
  • Does not include rental equipment
  • Does not include paintballs

*NOTE: All day air fills included with any purchase of paintballs.

Admission Only

Sentry package price - white river paintball
  • 100 paintballs
  • Tippmann 98 Paintball Marker
  • Mask, tank and belt pack
  • All day field entry
  • All day air fills

Sentry Pkg

sniper package pricing - white river paintball
  • 500 paintballs
  • Sniper Upgrade Paintball Marker
  • Mask, tank and belt pack
  • All day field entry
  • All day air fills

Sniper Pkg

rambo package pricing - white river paintball
  • 700 paintballs
  • Rambo Upgrade Paintball Marker
  • Mask, Tank and belt pack
  • All day field entry
  • All day air fills

Rambo Pkg


*Must book online at least 18 hours in advance to reserve rental equipment.



the chuck norris rental package at White River Paintball

First there was the Sniper Upgrade. Then there was the Rambo Upgrade. Now there there's the ULTIMATE in upgrades: THE "CHUCK NORRIS" PACKAGE!

The "Chuck Norris" Package includes:

  • 1,000 Paintballs
  • Empire Axe Marker with Dye Precision Rotor
  • Mask, tank and belt pack
  • All day field entry
  • All day air fills

It's like shooting a roundhouse at your opponent!

But don't wait, there are only three "Chuck Norris" Packages! Come get the ultimate advantage now!


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Save BIG with a Paintball Membership!

A Membership into White River Paintball gives you the ultimate way to play, and play AS MUCH as you want! You'll get amazing perks and be part of a group of dedicated players ready to have fun! Click here to see your membership options.








Important Information:

  • Exposure to COVID-19 is an inherent risk in any location where people are present and we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during your visit.
  • Players must be at least 8 years old to play in Private Parties and 10 years old to play in Open Play
  • Due to environmental and safety reasons, you must purchase your paintballs from White River Paintball
  • All players must fill out a waiver prior to play. Players under 18 years old must have their parent or guardian's signature on the waiver. The waiver can be found here
  • We play rain, snow or shine
  • If you have additional questions, please call us at 317-489-3732 or visit our FAQ page for answers to our most frequently asked questions
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