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Rental Upgrades

Looking for the perfect way to one up your friends in paintball? Want that extra edge in all those close games?

Then we have GREAT news for you! Check out our awesome paintball upgrades. Whether you want to be a Sniper, Rambo or "Chuck Norris" - we can hook you up!

Ask about rental upgrades when you arrive at registration!



chuck norris rental upgrade

The "Chuck Norris" Upgrade - Gun Only!

The "Chuck Norris" is the ultimate in upgrades! An Empire Axe Marker with Dye Precision Rotor gives you increased accuracy and increased firing rate. It's like shooting a roundhouse at your opponent!

Rambo Upgrade - Gun Only!

The Rambo Upgrade is a tricked-out X7 paintball gun with a collapsible stock, response trigger, paintball sniper barrel, foregrip and paintball cyclone feed system so you never miss a shot!

Sniper Upgrade - Gun Only!

The Sniper Upgrade features a 14" barrel, a gravity-fed hopper, an AK-47 body kit, foregrip, magazine, stock and response trigger for increased firing rates.

Camouflage Jumpsuit + Body Armor Combo:

You can rent the camouflage jumpsuit for $6.95 and the body armor for $4.95. Or, you can rent the combo jumpsuit/armor package for $9.95 total. And, at the end of the day, just turn it in and we’ll take care of the clean-up. Camouflage jumpsuits come in sizes small to XXL.

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